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07:00AM High-Tech Features Push U.S. Vehicle Loans to Record Levels
05:02AM PG&E: California power firm to pay $13.5bn to wildfire victims
04:50AM Ericsson to pay over $1 billion to resolve U.S. corruption probes
04:13AM Hong Kong Airlines Won’t Face Further Action, Regulator Says
03:10AM Bankrupt PG&E reaches $13.5 billion settlement with California wildfire victims
03:00AM Shenzhen Exchange Introduces Pilot for Stock Options Trading
02:54AM India’s Construction, Property Industries in Trouble, Rajan Says
01:46AM Proxy adviser ISS opposes plan by Hudson's Bay chairman to take firm private
12:32AM Military Spouses, Gov’t Workers See Wins in $738B Defense Bill
12:00AM How Each U.K. Election Outcome Could Impact the Stock Market
Dec-06 Mexico says 'good progress' on trade deal although work remains
Dec-06 Trump calls for World Bank to stop loaning to China
Dec-06 Wall Street Week Ahead: Tariff deadline keeps focus on trade as 2019 draws to close
Dec-06 Tesla boss Elon Musk wins defamation trial over his 'pedo guy' tweet
Dec-06 Mexico official lauds progress on trade deal but says work remains
Dec-06 Musk's defamation win may reset legal landscape for social media
Dec-06 Elon Musk wins defamation case over 'pedo guy' tweet about caver
Dec-06 Saudi Prince’s First OPEC Outing Brings Last-Minute Oil Surprise
Dec-06 Sweden's Ericsson to pay over $1bn to settle US corruption probe
Dec-06 Market Extra: CNBC’s Cramer says U.S. ‘can walk away from the table’ in China trade talks after jobs report
Dec-06 Thomas Cook: 'They told me the money was safe'
Dec-06 Trump perfectly orchestrates the stock market’s rise whenever momentum wanes
Dec-06 Mudrick-Backed NJOY Lines Up Loan After Trump Seeks Vaping Curbs
Dec-06 Market Snapshot: Dow industrials post best day in 2 months after better-than-expected November jobs report
Dec-06 Key Words: Nikki Haley says Confederate flag symbolized ‘service, sacrifice and heritage’ until mass shooter Dylann Roof ‘hijacked’ it
Dec-06 PG&E Reaches $13.5 Billion Deal With Wildfire Victims
Dec-06 Personal Finance Daily: The most boring videos on TikTok could save you thousands of dollars, and here’s what you can do to help people who are homeless this holiday season
Dec-06 Amazon Grows in New York, Reviving Debate Over Abandoned Queens Project
Dec-06 The Ratings Game: CrowdStrike business looks strong but lock-up expiration looms over stock short term
Dec-06 At $2.6 billion, the New York Mets would be the highest-valued sports team ever sold in the U.S.
Dec-06 NewsWatch: Does the stock market even need a U.S.-China trade deal with the jobs report this hot?
Dec-06 FAA seeks $3.9 million fine from Boeing for defective parts on 737 NG planes
Dec-06 Bond Report: U.S. government bond yields end higher after big gains in new jobs
Dec-06 Capitol Report: Climate change protesters disrupt D.C. rush-hour traffic
Dec-06 Here's what happened to the stock market on Friday
Dec-06 What Trump does before trade deadline is the 'wild card' that will drive markets in the week ahead
Dec-06 OPEC’s Oil Surprise Came as Skeptics Were Doubting Price Rise
Dec-06 Robots in Finance Could Wipe Out Some of Its Highest-Paying Jobs
Dec-06 Forever 21 Gets Pushback From Lenders on Ownership, Weak Sales
Dec-06 ETFs Are Nearing Record Inflows in Canada Amid ‘Blind Optimism’
Dec-06 What Felt Like a Jarring Year for Stocks Was Anything But
Dec-06 U.S. Wage Growth Eclipses Mortgage Rate for First Time Since 1972
Dec-06 Lincoln Center’s Rating Cut on Weak Operating Performance
Dec-06 Goldman Says Case for Diversifying Into Gold ‘as Strong as Ever’
Dec-06 Top HSBC Executive and Board Member to Announce Exit Next Week
Dec-06 Elon Musk Is Cleared in Lawsuit Over His ‘Pedo Guy’ Tweet
Dec-06 Blame the Financial Crisis for More Expensive Christmas Trees
Dec-06 Why the Bull Market Is Only at Mid-Cycle
Dec-06 Repo-Market Minnows Say Fixing the Mess Means Going Beyond Big Banks
Dec-06 Argentina’s Alberto Fernandez to Name Miguel Pesce as Central Bank Chief
Dec-06 U.S. Added 266,000 Jobs in November. Here’s the Bottom Line.
Dec-06 Saudi Aramco raises $25.6bn in world's biggest share sale
Dec-06 J.C. Penney Lender Seeks to Offload $800 Million Piece of Loan
Dec-06 Blowout jobs report means Fed may sound even less likely to move on interest rates
Dec-06 Good, Bad and Ugly: Decisive Week May Set Course for Currencies
Dec-06 Macron pension reform: Strike continues for second day
Dec-06 Larry Kudlow Says the U.S. and China Are Discussing the Amount of Farm Purchases
Dec-06 How Aramco’s Huge I.P.O. Fell Short of Saudi Prince’s Wish
Dec-06 For people with student debt, 2020 could be the year everything changes
Dec-06 IMF Says $10 Billion Congo Budget Unrealistic as Mining Slows
Dec-06 U.S. Is Discussing Goldman 1MDB Settlement Below $2 Billion
Dec-06 Kudlow says a trade deal is close, but Trump is prepared to 'walk away' if some conditions not met
Dec-06 Activist Group Calls For an Investigation Into Fishy SEC Comment Letters
Dec-06 US jobs growth jumps in November
Dec-06 South African State Pension Fund Looks to Expand Unlisted Assets
Dec-06 Aramco Will Likely Be More Than $2 Trillion Soon, Minister Says
Dec-06 Poloz to Step Down in June, Kicking Off Race to Find Successor
Dec-06 Why Apple Scrapped the Release of Its Oscar Contender, ‘The Banker’
Dec-06 Bond Traders Trim Bets on 2020 Fed Rate Cut on Jobs Strength
Dec-06 Saudis Surprise Oil Market With Pledge of Additional Cuts
Dec-06 ‘Terrible’ Canada Jobs Data Have Traders Worried as Loonie Drops
Dec-06 U.S. Jobs Just Blew the Roof Off. Here’s Why Fed Still on Hold
Dec-06 Look out Chick-fil-A and Popeyes, McDonald's new chicken sandwich is 'really good,' analyst says
Dec-06 Your first trade for Friday, December 6
Dec-06 SoftBank will get the 'last laugh' when a 'profitable' WeWork goes public one day, Bernstein says
Dec-06 Zambia’s Kwacha Falls Most in Four Years With More Pain in Store
Dec-06 Wall Street Scraps Recession Assumptions After Robust Jobs Data
Dec-06 Gold Futures Drop as U.S. Payrolls Rise More Than Expected
Dec-06 Traders No Longer Pricing in Full Fed Cut in 2020, Futures Show
Dec-06 Magnetar Seeks $400 Million for Its First Health-Care Hedge Fund
Dec-06 Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: Tesla, Tapestry, Big Lots, Uber, Ulta & more
Dec-06 Biden says Trump's pressure on the Federal Reserve is an abuse of power
Dec-06 Soybeans Bounce Back as China Trade Talks Move Forward
Dec-06 China’s Leadership Vows to Avoid Systemic Financial Risk in 2020
Dec-06 OPEC+ Agrees to Redistribute Oil Cuts Under Saudi Pressure
Dec-06 Trafigura Insider Gagged From Discussing Accounting by Court
Dec-06 Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day
Dec-06 Last Tax Season Was a Mess. Now’s Time to Prepare for This One.
Dec-06 Distressed Wave Tests Traders Mettle in $10 Trillion Swap Market
Dec-06 The Big Bet Now Is On Britain’s Unreliable Polls: Trading Brexit
07:35AM The Average Cost Of An Illegally Purchased M16
07:00AM Fiat's Failings, Gold, & Blockchains
Dec-06 Ukraine Was The Origin Of The Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax
Dec-06 Visualizing The New Cryptocurrency Economy
Dec-06 Sociopaths On The Left & Sociopaths On The Right Work To Break Potential US-China Alliance
Dec-06 Six Saudis Arrested For Questioning After Pensacola Shooting - Three Were Filming Attack
Dec-06 The Impact Of Increased Political Polarization
Dec-06 Science Prof Calls For Fewer Humans To "Strengthen Human Rights"
Dec-06 Fake News By Omission - The Mass Media's Cowardly Distortion Tool
Dec-06 Big Lots Stock Up 31%, Expects Earnings Growth in 2020
Dec-06 Follow The Money: BlackRock, Vanguard Await New Opportunities In China
Dec-06 Is Tim Draper ‘Crypto Crazy’ after Huge Bitcoin Prediction?
Dec-06 Technology Drives Guest Satisfaction, Restaurant Stocks
Dec-06 Dow Jones: Apple, MSFT, and Others Lead Gains Today
Dec-06 Huge Difference Between GDPNow and Nowcast Models
Dec-06 Regulators Beware: Cannabis Linked to Job Loss
Dec-06 An Easier Way to Understand the Pharma Industry
Dec-06 A Deep Dive into the Top Cannabis Retailers in Florida
Dec-06 Ray Dalio, the Role of Credit, and the Economic Machine
Dec-06 Can Tesla Stock Rise to $500 with China’s Help?
Dec-06 Azure Could Outpace AWS—Bernstein Bullish on MSFT
Dec-06 Investor Attendee List - Ritz Carlton Investor Event
Dec-06 AAR: November Rail Carloads down 7.5% YoY, Intermodal Down 7.4% YoY
Dec-06 Las Vegas Real Estate in November: Sales up 3% YoY, Inventory down 4% YoY
Dec-06 Trump Tweets "Manufacturing Blowout": What's the Real Story?
Dec-06 Friday links: Baby Yoda is just the beginning
Dec-06 Jobs Surge in Strike-Ending and Seasonal Adjustment Rebound
Dec-06 Q4 GDP Forecasts: 0.6% to 2.0%
Dec-06 Podcast links: the daily news grind
Dec-06 Comments on November Employment Report
Dec-06 Lannett: Building Success One Step At A Time
Dec-06 SA Interview: The Bear Case For Battleground Stock Altria With Blue Sky Capital
Dec-06 November Employment Report: 266,000 Jobs Added, 3.5% Unemployment Rate
Dec-06 3 Reasons Pembina Is Hands Down The Best Monthly Dividend Stock You Can Buy For 2020
Dec-06 Home Again
Dec-05 Tory Majority of 48 Based On Latest ComRes Data
Dec-05 France Grinds to a Halt in Massive Strike
Dec-05 Friday: Employment Report
Dec-05 A Solution to “Triffin’s Dilemma?”
Dec-05 How to Re-Elect Trump in One Easy Lesson
Dec-05 Goldman: November Payrolls Preview
Dec-05 Democrats Will Draw Up Articles of Impeachment Against "King" Trump
Dec-05 China Mobile: Too Cheap (Price) To Ignore, High Enough (Yield) To Want More
Dec-05 Thursday links: the day itself
Dec-05 Annual Update: Exchange Bank Remains Appealing
Dec-05 November Employment Preview
Dec-05 If You Like Eating Out: Read Me
Dec-05 Dynatrace: The Emerging Leader In The APM Space
Dec-05 Startup links: grinding it out
Dec-05 Trade Deficit decreased to $47.2 Billion in October
Dec-05 Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims decrease to 203,000
Dec-05 Hiring Trends in Recessions by Size of Firms
Dec-05 Nvidia's Expanding AI Edge (Podcast)
Dec-05 Kustomer is Always Right!
Dec-05 The Meaning Of Valuation
Dec-05 Ares Capital's NAV, Dividend, And Valuation Vs. 13 BDC Peers (Post Q3 2019 Earnings, Including Current Price Target)
Dec-04 Expect No Further Labour Gains: What You See is What You Get
Dec-04 DHUnplugged #483: The Tariff Man Strikes Again (Notes Only)
Dec-04 EURUSD Volatility Low For Day Trading but Swing Trading Opportunities Abound
Dec-04 Trump Throws Tantrum, Blasts "Two-Faced" Canada, Leaves Nato Summit
Dec-04 Dundee's DPM Stake Equals Company's Total Enterprise Value - Free Option On Everything Else
Dec-04 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? Not So Fast…
Dec-04 Reactionary bounce for indices
Dec-04 Trade Wars Just Getting Started
Dec-04 Wall Street Falls for the Ruse
Dec-04 Wednesday links: how investing has changed
Dec-04 Personal finance links: an unfillable void
Dec-04 Not All Negative Emotions Are Problems
Dec-04 My Poop Prayers Have Been Answered…Now Pray For Google’s Sundar Pichai
Dec-03 Turn Your Trash into Cash
Dec-03 The Fed Is Toying With Fire
Dec-03 Tuesday links: a dimmer future
Dec-03 Research links: hard thinking
Dec-03 ESG links: lacking prediction power
Dec-02 Don’t Fret over Winter Woes. Do This Instead!
Dec-02 S&P Breaks Rising Sep-Nov Channel
Dec-02 Time to Reduce Exposure to the Stock Market
Dec-02 Monday links: holding steady
Dec-02 Time to Reduce Exposure to the Stock Market
Dec-01 Training Your Mind By Training Your Body
Dec-01 Russell 2000 consolidates with other Indices
Nov-29 Tracking the Psychology of the Market
Nov-28 Rallies Continue Their Gains
Nov-27 S&P 500 Outlook and Stocks to Watch
Nov-27 DHnplugged #482: To FOMO and Beyond!
Nov-25 Indices Inch Higher
Nov-24 Indices look to support at 20-day MAs
Nov-24 Is Your Trading Purpose-Full?
Nov-24 Praying For a Poop
Nov-23 TDI Podcast: Meb Faber on Valuations and Investor Bias (#638)