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Market Cap. Dividend Yield Float Short Analyst Recom. Option/Short
Earnings Date Average Volume Relative Volume Current Volume Price
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CompanyAruba Networks, Inc.
IndustryNetworking & Communication Devices
Market Cap2.67BPerf Week0.16%
Beta1.65Perf Month0.33%
ATR0.06Perf Quarter42.58%
Volatility W0.15%Perf Half Y26.46%
Volatility M0.23%Perf Year19.18%
SMA200.31%Perf YTD35.37%
SMA505.82%RSI (14)72.33
SMA20020.97%Change Open-0.12%
52W High-1.44%Gap0.00%
52W Low57.25%Rel Volume0.25
Short Float5.85%Avg Volume4.17M
CandlestickBlack52W Range15.65 - 24.97
TickerBAS [NYSE]
CompanyBasic Energy Services, Inc.
IndustryOil & Gas Equipment & Services
Market Cap364.01MPerf Week1.52%
Beta2.57Perf Month24.82%
ATR0.63Perf Quarter46.96%
Volatility W9.25%Perf Half Y-38.25%
Volatility M8.04%Perf Year-68.85%
SMA209.48%Perf YTD24.11%
SMA5018.88%RSI (14)59.17
SMA200-35.23%Change Open8.75%
52W High-70.84%Gap-0.99%
52W Low74.00%Rel Volume2.27
Short Float19.67%Avg Volume3.24M
CandlestickWhite52W Range5.00 - 29.84
CompanyFinisar Corp.
IndustryNetworking & Communication Devices
Market Cap2.18BPerf Week0.58%
Beta1.83Perf Month0.24%
ATR0.54Perf Quarter6.23%
Volatility W1.54%Perf Half Y33.89%
Volatility M2.30%Perf Year-26.26%
SMA20-1.06%Perf YTD8.09%
SMA50-1.95%RSI (14)46.62
SMA20010.02%Change Open-1.27%
52W High-27.28%Gap0.52%
52W Low47.54%Rel Volume0.35
Short Float9.72%Avg Volume1.40M
CandlestickBlack52W Range14.22 - 28.85
TickerGFA [NYSE]
CompanyGafisa S.A.
IndustryResidential Construction
Market Cap348.53MPerf Week6.98%
Beta2.37Perf Month44.88%
ATR0.07Perf Quarter12.88%
Volatility W4.11%Perf Half Y-17.86%
Volatility M4.55%Perf Year-43.04%
SMA2022.22%Perf YTD19.48%
SMA5033.57%RSI (14)75.60
SMA200-8.83%Change Open2.22%
52W High-48.60%Gap0.56%
52W Low71.96%Rel Volume0.79
Short Float1.37%Avg Volume769.72K
CandlestickWhite52W Range1.07 - 3.58
TickerHW [NYSE]
CompanyHeadwaters Incorporated
IndustryGeneral Building Materials
Market Cap1.37BPerf Week3.92%
Beta2.53Perf Month4.16%
ATR0.45Perf Quarter33.38%
Volatility W1.83%Perf Half Y58.73%
Volatility M2.24%Perf Year52.47%
SMA201.08%Perf YTD23.68%
SMA507.14%RSI (14)58.68
SMA20031.23%Change Open-0.05%
52W High-3.13%Gap0.11%
52W Low80.53%Rel Volume0.47
Short Float2.49%Avg Volume696.85K
CandlestickBlack52W Range10.27 - 19.14
TickerLF [NYSE]
CompanyLeapFrog Enterprises Inc.
IndustryMultimedia & Graphics Software
Market Cap160.10MPerf Week-0.87%
Beta1.54Perf Month4.11%
ATR0.10Perf Quarter-10.59%
Volatility W3.76%Perf Half Y-61.42%
Volatility M3.97%Perf Year-67.38%
SMA201.54%Perf YTD-51.69%
SMA50-3.88%RSI (14)48.26
SMA200-51.53%Change Open-1.72%
52W High-70.96%Gap-0.43%
52W Low8.57%Rel Volume0.36
Short Float8.15%Avg Volume1.04M
CandlestickBlack52W Range2.10 - 7.85
CompanySciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
IndustryDrug Manufacturers - Other
Market Cap448.54MPerf Week0.90%
Beta2.19Perf Month7.69%
ATR0.29Perf Quarter20.92%
Volatility W2.79%Perf Half Y18.21%
Volatility M3.53%Perf Year88.24%
SMA200.12%Perf YTD2.28%
SMA506.13%RSI (14)56.17
SMA20019.11%Change Open-1.75%
52W High-7.15%Gap0.33%
52W Low95.63%Rel Volume0.82
Short Float8.88%Avg Volume347.40K
CandlestickBlack52W Range4.58 - 9.65