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Earnings Date Average Volume Relative Volume Current Volume Price
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CompanyBGC Partners, Inc.
IndustryInvestment Brokerage - National
Market Cap2.00BPerf Week-2.47%
Beta1.71Perf Month13.64%
ATR0.27Perf Quarter5.83%
Volatility W2.71%Perf Half Y23.04%
Volatility M3.34%Perf Year40.78%
SMA203.74%Perf YTD0.55%
SMA504.89%RSI (14)54.93
SMA20016.78%Change Open1.23%
52W High-3.89%Gap0.45%
52W Low53.02%Rel Volume1.53
Short Float1.85%Avg Volume958.59K
CandlestickWhite52W Range5.93 - 9.45
CompanyCytokinetics, Incorporated
Market Cap282.26MPerf Week-2.90%
Beta1.28Perf Month5.47%
ATR0.51Perf Quarter75.23%
Volatility W5.89%Perf Half Y74.83%
Volatility M6.31%Perf Year-25.36%
SMA206.64%Perf YTD-3.75%
SMA5011.10%RSI (14)55.70
SMA20056.43%Change Open-4.22%
52W High-41.86%Gap1.13%
52W Low152.79%Rel Volume0.69
Short Float5.28%Avg Volume548.68K
CandlestickBlack52W Range3.05 - 13.26
TickerGBX [NYSE]
CompanyThe Greenbrier Companies, Inc.
Market Cap1.56BPerf Week0.20%
Beta2.67Perf Month10.74%
ATR2.30Perf Quarter-10.98%
Volatility W3.07%Perf Half Y-17.90%
Volatility M4.01%Perf Year41.79%
SMA203.00%Perf YTD9.71%
SMA509.83%RSI (14)56.66
SMA200-1.43%Change Open0.53%
52W High-24.54%Gap-0.17%
52W Low43.85%Rel Volume0.40
Short Float29.39%Avg Volume836.14K
CandlestickLong Upper Shadow52W Range40.85 - 77.89
CompanyIronwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
IndustryDrugs - Generic
Market Cap2.18BPerf Week-1.28%
Beta1.41Perf Month-2.15%
ATR0.80Perf Quarter11.88%
Volatility W5.32%Perf Half Y19.86%
Volatility M5.04%Perf Year0.65%
SMA20-1.39%Perf YTD0.85%
SMA500.46%RSI (14)48.08
SMA2009.15%Change Open-3.32%
52W High-9.70%Gap-0.31%
52W Low71.48%Rel Volume0.79
Short Float11.09%Avg Volume879.12K
CandlestickBlack52W Range9.01 - 17.11
CompanyNektar Therapeutics
Market Cap1.68BPerf Week-3.97%
Beta1.55Perf Month-9.99%
ATR0.55Perf Quarter-17.95%
Volatility W5.48%Perf Half Y-8.47%
Volatility M3.95%Perf Year0.08%
SMA20-5.87%Perf YTD-15.68%
SMA50-10.53%RSI (14)31.42
SMA200-2.85%Change Open0.54%
52W High-25.44%Gap0.15%
52W Low29.41%Rel Volume1.71
Short Float7.63%Avg Volume985.04K
CandlestickSpinning Top White52W Range10.10 - 17.53
TickerODP [NASD]
CompanyOffice Depot, Inc.
IndustrySpecialty Retail, Other
Market Cap5.05BPerf Week-1.26%
Beta2.95Perf Month20.75%
ATR0.23Perf Quarter41.33%
Volatility W1.74%Perf Half Y83.73%
Volatility M2.26%Perf Year86.28%
SMA201.38%Perf YTD9.33%
SMA508.78%RSI (14)56.72
SMA20049.08%Change Open0.86%
52W High-4.09%Gap-0.11%
52W Low144.01%Rel Volume0.51
Short Float3.63%Avg Volume14.02M
CandlestickWhite52W Range3.84 - 9.77
CompanyServiceSource International, Inc.
IndustryBusiness Software & Services
Market Cap311.66MPerf Week-3.13%
Beta1.37Perf Month5.68%
ATR0.22Perf Quarter-9.27%
Volatility W7.60%Perf Half Y3.91%
Volatility M5.85%Perf Year-58.67%
SMA203.05%Perf YTD-20.51%
SMA50-6.60%RSI (14)47.92
SMA200-8.61%Change Open-9.05%
52W High-61.37%Gap17.53%
52W Low32.38%Rel Volume5.54
Short Float7.26%Avg Volume505.83K
CandlestickBlack52W Range2.81 - 9.63
CompanyTumi Holdings, Inc.
IndustrySpecialty Retail, Other
Market Cap1.59BPerf Week2.59%
Beta-Perf Month3.50%
ATR0.62Perf Quarter10.12%
Volatility W2.93%Perf Half Y3.27%
Volatility M2.67%Perf Year16.43%
SMA204.71%Perf YTD-1.43%
SMA502.88%RSI (14)59.49
SMA20010.75%Change Open2.36%
52W High-5.34%Gap0.18%
52W Low33.28%Rel Volume2.01
Short Float8.29%Avg Volume527.75K
CandlestickInverted Hammer52W Range17.55 - 24.71
TickerWAC [NYSE]
CompanyWalter Investment Management Corp.
IndustryMortgage Investment
Market Cap628.63MPerf Week-20.16%
Beta1.08Perf Month10.47%
ATR1.76Perf Quarter-11.52%
Volatility W9.55%Perf Half Y-35.96%
Volatility M8.60%Perf Year-35.64%
SMA20-12.53%Perf YTD0.97%
SMA50-4.24%RSI (14)42.19
SMA200-26.90%Change Open-7.49%
52W High-46.26%Gap-4.96%
52W Low17.73%Rel Volume2.38
Short Float25.24%Avg Volume441.83K
CandlestickMarubozu Black52W Range14.16 - 31.02
TickerZQK [NYSE]
CompanyQuiksilver Inc.
IndustryTextile - Apparel Clothing
Market Cap365.92MPerf Week-4.98%
Beta3.04Perf Month7.69%
ATR0.12Perf Quarter2.94%
Volatility W5.05%Perf Half Y-29.53%
Volatility M6.16%Perf Year-73.04%
SMA20-4.98%Perf YTD-4.98%
SMA50-3.01%RSI (14)44.93
SMA200-22.78%Change Open-1.87%
52W High-74.64%Gap-0.47%
52W Low50.00%Rel Volume0.44
Short Float16.74%Avg Volume1.87M
CandlestickInverted Hammer52W Range1.40 - 8.28