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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1BCBrunswick CorporationConsumer GoodsRecreational Goods, OtherUSA5.09B26.7354.790.16%444,359
2EGTEntertainment Gaming Asia Inc.Consumer GoodsRecreational Goods, OtherHong Kong115.18M-1.993.65%8,731
3FOSLFossil Group, Inc.Consumer GoodsRecreational Goods, OtherUSA4.36B11.7485.33-0.05%1,661,953
4LTRPALiberty TripAdvisor Holdings, Inc.Consumer GoodsRecreational Goods, OtherUSA2.44B-32.730.15%1,016,402
5MOVMovado Group, Inc.Consumer GoodsRecreational Goods, OtherUSA642.59M13.3625.520.31%101,900
6TOURTuniu CorporationConsumer GoodsRecreational Goods, OtherChina740.78M-14.892.20%152,961
7TVPTTravelport Worldwide LimitedConsumer GoodsRecreational Goods, OtherUnited Kingdom1.97B15.5716.190.87%188,033
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