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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1ANETArista Networks, Inc.TechnologyDiversified Computer SystemsUSA4.43B77.2768.772.60%843,008
2CRAYCray Inc.TechnologyDiversified Computer SystemsUSA1.26B20.4830.92-0.64%249,806
3DBDDiebold, IncorporatedTechnologyDiversified Computer SystemsUSA2.30B20.3135.55-1.09%396,561
4HPQHewlett-Packard CompanyTechnologyDiversified Computer SystemsUSA62.15B12.9834.01-1.90%32,402,098
5SGISilicon Graphics International Corp.TechnologyDiversified Computer SystemsUSA320.11M-9.301.86%154,057
6XPLRXplore Technologies Corp.TechnologyDiversified Computer SystemsUSA58.51M-6.90-1.15%6,987
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