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Exchange Index Sector Industry Country
Market Cap. Dividend Yield Float Short Analyst Recom. Option/Short
Earnings Date Average Volume Relative Volume Current Volume Price
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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1BZFWisdomTree Brazilian Real Strategy ETFFinancialExchange Traded FundUSA--15.731.16%8,500
2CEWWisdomTree Emerging Currency Strat ETFFinancialExchange Traded FundUSA--18.650.16%13,200
3CYBWisdomTree Chinese Yuan Strategy ETFFinancialExchange Traded FundUSA--25.620.04%43,900
4DBVPowerShares DB G10 Currency Harvest ETFFinancialExchange Traded FundUSA--25.310.64%17,100
5FXACurrencyShares Australian Dollar ETFFinancialExchange Traded FundUSA--78.370.63%19,996
6FXBCurrencyShares British Pound Ster ETFFinancialExchange Traded FundUSA--148.950.81%28,249
7FXCCurrencyShares Canadian Dollar ETFFinancialExchange Traded FundUSA--81.72-0.17%102,800
8FXECurrencyShares Euro ETFFinancialExchange Traded FundUSA--106.810.36%739,400
9FXFCurrencyShares Swiss Franc ETFFinancialExchange Traded FundUSA--102.090.03%5,200
10FXSCurrencyShares Swedish Krona ETFFinancialExchange Traded FundUSA--114.711.19%200
11FXYCurrencyShares Japanese Yen ETFFinancialExchange Traded FundUSA--81.730.52%55,400
12ICNWisdomTree Indian Rupee Strategy ETFFinancialExchange Traded FundUSA--20.89-0.99%3,201