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No. Ticker Company Sector Industry Country Market Cap P/E Price Change Volume
1ALBAlbemarle CorporationBasic MaterialsSpecialty ChemicalsUSA6.62B22.9859.050.53%890,430
2ASHAshland Inc.Basic MaterialsChemicals - Major DiversifiedUSA8.73B370.76126.06-1.04%390,698
3CYTCytec Industries Inc.Basic MaterialsSpecialty ChemicalsUSA3.94B28.3655.300.95%1,537,161
4DDE. I. du Pont de Nemours and CompanyBasic MaterialsAgricultural ChemicalsUSA64.78B18.3971.55-0.97%4,008,752
5HUNHuntsman CorporationBasic MaterialsChemicals - Major DiversifiedUSA5.46B16.6022.25-0.27%3,325,926
6NEUNewMarket CorporationBasic MaterialsSpecialty ChemicalsUSA5.72B24.82460.080.46%22,946
7RPMRPM International Inc.Basic MaterialsSpecialty ChemicalsUSA6.35B30.1547.64-1.06%859,484
8WLKWestlake Chemical Corp.Basic MaterialsSpecialty ChemicalsUSA10.15B15.0776.43-1.25%506,635